Sunday, 6 May 2012


At the beginning of the decade, the punk revolution was still in the air, although the general trend was to tone down and tame the original punk style. The eighties were as materialistic and materialistic can get. Women were now in the corporate world and had to dress the part. This is where the new trend of the Power Suit first came into contact with the working women. The suit consisted of being super smart, big shoulder pads and adopting a male look. It was extremely exaggerating and extravagant.
 In Britain, romance was in the air with the engagement of Prince Charles and “Lady Di” in February 1981. Their marriage the following July, televised worldwide, fulfilled all expectations. The bride’s fairy-tale dress was copied over and over again for less exalted weddings and helped to set the trend for full-blown romantic evening wear.
Paul Smith opened his first shop in Nottingham after working with his girlfriend at the time, which made the clothes that Smith designed. Paul Smith Vetement Pour Homme was the name of the shop. Smith was a squirrel-like collector and sold quirky knives, notebooks and pens that he picked up on his travels. His most inspired find was the Filofax, a personal organiser he discovered at a tiny company hidden under an east London railway arch.
The post-industrial age of computer-based technology became a reality in the 1980s. Perhaps the most dramatic change came in the office, with the desktop personal computer, first pioneered by the American company Apple. Chips, satellites, and other technologies like digital encoding and fibre optics transformed telecommunications, with computer, telephone, and television networks spreading all over the world. For the home consumer, new technology meant home computers, video-cassette recorders, compact discs, and the promise of big-screen high definition television.

After the release of her single "Like a Virgin" in late 1984, Madonna became a fashion icon for many young women around the world and copied her "street urchin" look with short skirts worn over leggings, brassieres worn as outer clothing, untidy hair, crucifix jewellery, and fishnet gloves. As well as the 1983 movie Flashdance made ripped sweatshirts popular.  Hip-Hop culture and Rap music also began influencing wider fashion trends, such as track suits (worn when not exercising), Kangol hats, including oversized gold jewellery on men and women.

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