Saturday, 5 May 2012


The seventies was name as the “Me Decade” by write, Tom Wolfe.  In terms of dress, fashion magazine like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar declared “Anything goes.” There were no rules when it came to fashion in the seventies. People mixed almost any colour and pattern together.  Retro styles were promoted by films like The Great Gatsby (1974).  Elements from radical chic to punk were running throughout the decade. Everyone wore everything and there seemed to be no structure at all. Everything was acceptable.
Fashion was all over the place and highly influenced by current events, movies, television and music along with exotic cultures.  Loose flowing robes, Nehru jackets, Indian and African influences in that of caftans, kimonos, muumuus along with peasant styles of eyelets with lacing, ric rac braids and angel sleeves. Macramé bags and bikinis came from the Greek Isles, Crochet waistcoats, shawls and ponchos from Spain along with the gypsy tops with drawn up necklines trimmed with bells and puffed sleeves.
Coco Chanel died on 10 January 1971, aged 87. She was still "designing, still working" at the time of her death.

The seventies brought disco fashion into the eyes of consumers. Hot pants, spandex, Lycra, bling - these were the looks that defined disco fashion in the '70s. Shiny pants in Lycra, waistcoats, animal prints, metallic sheen to clothes; all these were the biggest disco fashion trends in this decade. Jumpsuits and halter necks were other styles that were hugely popular with the disco crowd.

For most kids who grew up in the '70s, Saturday mornings were all about cartoons and Soul Train. Growing from humble beginnings as a weekday dance program in Chicago, Soul Trainwas hosted by dapper Don Cornelius—who was also the creator and producer of the landmark Black-owned-and-operated show that later moved to Los Angeles and became the longest running syndicated program in TV history. “The two biggest influences of the '70s were Don Cornelius and Bruce Lee,” says Beastie Boys member Ad-Rock. 

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